Dentures / Partials

Dentures are artificial teeth and gums that are formed to your mouth and created by your dentists to replace lost or removed natural teeth.

There may come a time in your life when your smile is less than perfect. This could be due to years worth of dental neglect or simply because something has caused your smile to be sparse. In this case, dentures and partials allow you to have the full, beautiful smile that you need without having to worry about more extensive procedures.

Dentures can either be full or partial, meaning they can either replace all teeth on either the top or bottom gum line, or just a few that are missing. They are custom made for you, and can also be removable or permanent depending on your specific dental needs. 


What is a Denture and a Partial?

A denture is a full plate of teeth that looks and feels like the real thing. The dentures are made for you in a local lab and are matched perfectly with your smile so that you get a beautifully realistic prosthetic. Dentures can be permanent or removable, depending on your wants and needs. Partials do not contain a full arch of teeth and are instead customized so that you can put the appliance in and restore multiple teeth that are missing. Think of a denture as an arch-full of teeth and a partial as a denture that only contains the teeth that you’re missing.

Who is a good candidate for a Denture or Partial?

An exam and series of x-rays will be taken to determine if dentures or a partial are the right option for you. Some of the best candidates for this particular appliance include:

  • You are missing all or some of your teeth
  • You aren’t a viable candidate for implants or don’t want them placed
  • You want a full, beautiful smile
  • You need a long-lasting prosthetic that offers durability

What is the process for getting a Denture or Partial placed?

The process for getting dentures and partials are relatively simple and pain free. The process for each will differ depending on your specific needs. Our highly trained dentists will go over all your questions and concerns and determine what course of action is needed. Once a dental plan has been put into place, they will go over in full detail what to expect for both Dentures and Partials, and the processes for both. 

If you need dentures or partials, or would like to inquire further about this procedure, please call our office and one of our helpful staff members will be happy to assist you.