Sleep Apnea Home Testing Device

Sleep Apnea is a condition in which breathing repeatedly stops and starts. If you snore loudly and feel tired even after a full night's sleep, you might have sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea is a serious sleep disorder that causes a person’s breathing to temporarily stop throughout the night. This can cause a myriad of health issues for the patient, which can wreak havoc on all areas of their life. Fortunately, there are many treatment options available for sleep apnea. However, in the past, the only way to diagnose sleep apnea was through a rigorous sleep study done in a local medical office. Thankfully, new advancements have been made to allow people to test for sleep apnea right in the comfort of their own homes.

What is a Home Testing Device for Sleep Apnea?

A sleep apnea home testing device is a monitor that goes around your head as well as a breathing wire that lays slightly on the inside of your nostrils. Throughout the night, the device monitors your sleep patterns and can detect if you are not breathing and if you’re having issues with waking up due to breathing issues.

Why Might Someone Choose the Home Testing Device?

There are several reasons why a patient might choose a home testing device for sleep apnea rather than going to a local medical office that performs sleep studies. Some of these reasons include:

  • You don’t feel comfortable taking a sleep study in an unfamiliar office
  • You want to test yourself for sleep apnea
  • You feel the test results would be more accurate if you’re able to sleep in your own bed
  • You want clear, accurate results the next morning

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