Is There a Cure for TMJ?

who offers tmj treatment Oak park?

Do you have TMJ? If you do, you’re probably desperate to receive TMJ Treatment Oak Park because of the annoying symptoms that come with the condition. We can’t blame you. Luckily, medical professionals offer various treatments for TMJ. It’s important to mention that there are cases wherein TMJ resolves on its own even without treatment but if the symptoms continue to bother you your doctor will present you with different treatment options that will help manage TMJ symptoms. Check out the following treatments for TMJ. 

who offers tmj treatment oak park?

How Do You Manage TMJ?


Taking pain medications is a non-surgical TMJ Treatment Oak Park that is guaranteed to help relieve TMJ pain. Usually, people with TMJ take over-the-counter painkillers to suppress the pain but if the pain can’t be controlled with OTC drugs your doctor may recommend stronger drugs. However, they must be taken with caution and only for a limited time. Aside from painkillers, you may also be asked to take muscle relaxants and tricyclic antidepressants


There is also another way to treat TMJ. For nondrug TMJ Treatment Oak Park, your doctor may require you to use mouth guards or oral splints. Physical therapy may also help strengthen and stretch the muscles in your jaws. Counseling and education also help since it will enable you to identify the factors that contribute to the pain

Are You Looking for a TMJ Treatment Oak Park? 

If you are not satisfied with these treatments you can always talk to your doctor about other options. At One Fine Smile, it is our mission to let our patients feel comfortable and relaxed during their visit. We offer a stress-free and comfortable environment for all our patients. With our spa-inspired dental office, the latest in technology, and wonderful staff, we guarantee you will feel at ease on your dental visit. Give us a call or visit our website to learn more about our services.